Culpeper Shots and a Posting Hiatus

Just a few images from a shoot I did in Culpeper VA a long time ago.

I mentioned it on DA but forgot to put here that I’m taking a break in photographic images through August, ideally to pursue other art forms (writing fiction, poetry, music, drawing in graphite) for a while and just get ready to do school for photography again.

I should be back in September though. Here’s the other shot.

Anyway that’s all for now, see you in September with more stuff. I’m hoping to get some headway into drawing and build up a little momentum and skill over the next few months, though I’ve hoped for that for years without anything changing. Still worth trying.

Sepia Glow CC, Set 1

This is the first Sepia Glow CC set, a monochrome set of sepia tinted photography using antique camera filters (and normal filters beyond that). I basically noticed that while I’m not incredibly fond of my sepia work- I do enjoy sepia, mind you- lots of my viewers on DeviantArt seem to really like it. So, I’ve published these under one of the more restrictive Creative Commons licenses for now (mind you, just the images in the Sepia Glow set pictured above); you can get details by looking over my DeviantArt site, the gallery link is here.

They are each available for download on DeviantArt for free. I’ve decided that while I want most of my photographic work to remain under copyright for now, to do some work for the Creative Commons. Note it’s not a free culture license; you’ve got to read the license, but you can download it and use it as long as you don’t sell it, you give me and don’t yourself take credit for it, or make any derivative works from it.

Here’s a link to the type of license this set of photos is under, and again, that’s just this set, everything else you see here on my webpage in other posts, pages, etc., is under copyright. If I post it and you don’t know, assume it’s copyrighted.

More images will be added to this set over time; this is just the first thirteen I’ve pulled together. I have some monochrome versions of most of them that I may post later (just black and white, no fancy filters, more true to life) that are under copyright, so keep in mind it’s just these files.

Gloom Bridge, Redone

This absolutely doesn’t fit the set it came from anymore (see the previous post) but I think overall using Analog Efex on it heavily improves the piece quite a bit. The antique camera filters basically let me play with lighting and shadow and textures and simulated film types, etc., which can make for a more interesting composition.

Some Gothic Gloom

This is actually some examples of images from the first consistent scheme I made for photomanipulations that worked in a set (these are all new or relatively new manipulations, however). I called it “Gloom” or “Gothic Gloom.” Some of them come out really well, I’m particularly fond of the church shot above; they’re essentially just fairly low key, darkened, monochrome black and white images.

I have no idea where the rest of the old ones are. My archive is so poorly organized that well, I should probably be doing organizational chores rather than editing from old shots, but I have no common sense, being insane.

Anyway the method is as follows: I take a perfectly good image and make it into a depressing inky mess, in short. The ones that really work well like the church I haven’t totally figured out yet; often enough when I do one of these it’s far less pleasing. Anyway enjoy the shots, try not to be too depressed, it’s not like the world is ending all around us or anything.

Gersemi Blooms, Set 1

Some bloom photomanipulations inspired by and done in the manner of Freyja’s daughter, Gersemi.

Just something soft and light and pink to contrast yesterday’s gothic political statements. Anyway I’ve done a number of these already, I’ll post a few more sets as time goes by.

Witching Wood Animal Shots, Set 1

I have decided to add wildlife and floral shots to the Witching Wood set of images. Here’s the first three wildlife shots I’ve done. Expect considerably less of both owing to the simple fact that I have less wildlife photography than anything else, and a lot of my floral stuff probably isn’t suitable for it.

American Nightmare (Photomanipulation and Poem)

Did the poem, too. In a bad mood. For all you losers viewing on cellphones, the full text of the poem follows because you probably can’t read that on the image:

American Nightmare

The blood red tide dreches the sky,
As chaos descends on the land.

Soon enough,
We’ll all dance to the staccato beat
Of gunshots in the streets

And the blood of innocents
will flow freely
Down gutters and out
Into the wine dark seas


-Adam Shurte

Victory Overshadowed

I usually strive, foolishly, to keep things apolitical, but not here. So if you don’t like that, go read something else.


This is the Yorktown Victory Monument, the monolith with a statue on top that commemorates the victory of the American Revolutionaries over the British forces at Yorktown VA. It’s worth noting that wasn’t exactly a victory for the African slave or Native American populations here, or well, quite a few other groups, but that’s for another day. There was eventually the promise of freedom and rights for everyone, but someone gunned it down in the back of the head in the fashion of a vengeful American action movie hero and it bled out on the streets. Another win for the good guys, who are the best because they’re the best with guns and own the best guns.

I decided to drape it in shadows as, y’know, fascism and all the old historical evils I can think of descend upon us slowly and inexorably these days.

Some of us shoot images with cameras, and some of us shoot people with guns.

You can tell the truth with a camera, and you can silence it with a bullet.

Three New Witching Wood Shots

Currently at 145 unique images, plus a few I accidentally did slightly differently twice. Seeing as I just grab these at random from my archive before I start manipulating them, it’s always funny when I pick the same one out of however many thousands of stills twice and don’t realize it…

I am not sure what to do with this set but it does keep growing as time goes on, maybe a photobook or something eventually but for now, I’m at a loss as to what to write to go with the images.

The last one looks kinda like a sigil if you step back from it, which is unique to the set.