Orchid Collages (Grape and Spectrum)

These are the third photograph as the base image, as well as this fractal below for the revamped background. I ran the fractal through a just-water simulation watercolor painting in Fresco to get it less edgy, then merged the images after repeatedly doing weird things to them. I have no idea what the process was but it was involved and I doubt I could repeat it if I tried.

In the end it all worked out, it just ate an hour or two of my life, but I’m happy with the outcome (the first two images from the merger and manipulation of the last two images).


Two Collages, Photomanipulation

Both of these were very involved with photos and fractals I’d done, conversions to monochrome, re-coloring, and all kinds of brushwork and filters and effects. I’m pretty happy with the outcome though they do look weird. The one on the left used one photo and one fractal; image two used two different forest shots and a fractal.

Fractal Harvest, and Update

So there’s three; the purple and blue one is called “Chaos Star,” I forgot what I named the other two…

As far as sorting goes I just wrapped up all my monochrome, so all that’s left is my massive stack of photomanipulations to go through. Then sorting each of the three categories further, then I can build the archive.

Wound up keeping about 400 monochrome shots, so that’s about 1200 shots to date.

Telephone Booth, and Thoughts on Art

Well, I don’t know if I remember telephone booths, but I do remember pay phones (and wonder where they all went and why, to be honest, I mean now you lose your cell phone you’re screwed…). Anyway this uhh, artifact was sitting on the curb waiting for who knows what in Orange VA if memory serves several years back. A relic of the lengthy era when people believed in and paid respect to privacy.

I am still grinding through the monochrome archive; about halfway through it now. I am also converting a lot of good color photos to monochrome as I go, so it’s slower going altogether, and I’m reworking quite a few already converted ones too- reasons varying from a poor original conversion to having vastly better software for conversions now (I use Silver Efex Pro 3 now). All while well, trying to get back into fiction writing and learning to draw in graphite…I should have some new alcohol ink abstracts soon enough as well, but for all the things I missed out on in life, nobody’s managed to steal artmaking from me yet. I keep realizing writing fiction does something intangible that makes my life ten times less miserable, but what it is I can’t say. All I know is I have far less mental health symptoms flaring up when I’m doing it (in fact, in the middle of doing it, it’s like a lot just lifts temporarily, as well as for a duration of some hours afterwards. I’ve never figured that one out, nor have the doctors).

And for what it’s worth I’m making progress in non-photographic visual arts slowly but surely. I was playing with Adobe Fresco (free version comes with my CC photography plan) and realized it’s relatively streamlined and easy to figure out. I also noticed drawing practice made the inexpensive Wacom One tablet, when propped up on an angled tabletop drawing board, a lot easier for me. Additionally, I worked a little further into The Art and Science of Drawing, and (I’m not getting paid to say this anymore than I’m paid from the annoying ads on this free site) sure enough, it’s chock full of insights and advice I couldn’t figure out on my own over the years, or read anywhere else; I’m around page 50 or so and Brent Eviston, who teaches drawing in person and has poured his experience into the text, has made a simply excellent book. I’m very confident I’m going to be able to learn to draw if I apply myself daily now; in the past I was totally convinced of the opposite. I’d recommend it if you want to learn to draw.

I have also noticed I’m at 60% or so of storage on this site again, so I may have to delete posts soon enough. I’m hoping I have the new site up before that needs to happen. I probably won’t be blogging casually there, though; I’d sooner do that here.

It is Spring again; I’m going to try and be out more with the camera, and let that be that. New stuff may be slow to arrive on site because I’m in a workflow fix with the old stuff being (finally) organized. So there’s that, but I do have to do new work to stay tolerably sane, so I’m not completely stopping, either.

I think that about covers it for today.